Stitch Addiction

After learning the Bobble Stitch to work on my Hart of Dixie CAL Blocks, I got so many ideas!

For a dear friend and fellow artist, I made this monogram pillow for her studio as a thank you for her helping me understand the bobble stitch and explaining it to me.


My son is an aspiring You-tuber and asked me to make him a Youtube Play Button. I love how this turned out.


And my silly daughter didn’t surprise me when she asked for a Rainbow Poop Emoji.


I easily created my graphs personally using Excel and used the Bobble Stitch to create the graph pattern. I did used google for inspiration and scale for the pattern.

Pillows seem to be great for smaller graphs. So I spruced them up with a border and the backs are both white.  I did a simple granny square for the Rainbow Poop Emoji and HDC rows until my desired size for the Play Button.


I’m sure the kids will enjoy them for a long time.

I think the Bobble Stitch has endless possibilities.    I found this tutorial by Bhooked on youtube also very helpful!

Happy Crocheting!


One thought on “Stitch Addiction

  1. I absolutely love the YouTube play button pillow you made for me. Thanks for making the pillow. I love the design!

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