My First Pattern!

fullsizeoutput_8e0I have lots of ideas in my head. I have been wanting to create patterns for awhile and many things have kept me waiting.  First fear, yes fear!, of not being confident enough in what I could create. I guess that’s the norm when you are starting out. Everything is new and unknown But I have to try, right?  Then there is the time not only creating, but writing it all down and making sure its usable and understandable. But I have lots of wonderful crochet bloggers who I’ve learned a lot from.

I was crocheting another great designers pattern when a simple easy idea formed in my head. I immediately created it and wrote it all down. Then I used my own pattern to create it again and it seemed to flow nicely. I then asked a couple fellow crocheter friends to test my pattern and report back to me her critique, corrections, etc. Edits could still be made, so please let me know you see anything wonky!

I am pleased to announce my Pumpkin Ridge Cozy!  I decided to start small and simple with my 1st pattern. But this is huge for me!  I absolutely love fall and all things fall. When this pattern came about, I thought of a pumpkin sitting on a fence and I feel that’s exactly what I created. I hope you like it too.

The pattern can be found here and it is FREE!

Happy Crocheting



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