Hook Mania

I made my own ergonomic polymer crochet hook. With as many talented hook makers as I follow and the collection I have grown, I had to try!!!

So choosing my blog logo as color inspiration and theme of the hook, I think I did a pretty good job. I purchased Premo clay at Michaels and sat down with my kids and we all had fun playing with the clay.  I was super excited with my end result and I think it matches my theme perfectly.

I don’t know if this will become something I do to sell or not but I know it’s now something I could try.
Have you tried something out-of-the-box, not-in-your-comfort-zone before?  How did it go?

Happy Crocheting and Maybe Hook Making!

P.s.  My above collection is courtesy of Hook.N.Clay, Hook.Ewe, Harperbabyshop, The Clay Bean Co., and ChloeRebeccaBoutique.

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