Sweater Pumpkin


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5.0 H crochet hook with worsted yarn
Poly fill stuffing (or stuffing of choice)

Yarn colors used in this pattern:
Color A:  Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in Terracota
Color B:  I love this yarn in brown
Color C:  I love this yarn in sage

ch – chain
sc – single crochet
hdc – half double crochet
hdc3l* – half double crochet in 3rd loop
hdcblo – half double crochet in back loop
sl – slip
st – stitch

Chain 1 does not count as stitch
This pattern is just a guideline for three sized pumpkins. You can chain any even number and crochet any number of rows and create the pumpkin size you want!

*Special Stitch:
Every other row is worked in the 3rd loop of the HDC of the previous row.  While the wrong side of your work is facing you there is a loop under the two loops at the top. This is where we will put our HDCs.  See diagram for location.


S (M, L)

Chain 21 (31,41) – leave a long beginning tail for finishing later
Row 1: In back hump of ch, hdc in each st, ch 1, turn


Row 2: hdc3l in each st, ch 1, turn  (*see special stitch)


Row 3: hdcblo in each st, ch 1, turn

Row 4: repeat row 2
Row 5: repeat row 3
Repeat rows 2 &3 back and forth for
Rows 6-21: Small
Rows 6-31: Medium
Rows 6-41: Large

Finishing:  Bringing the right sides facing together, slip stitch down the edge in the back loop of both sides to join the ends.



Fasten off and leave another long tail.  With one of the tails weave the yarn through the edges to cinch the closure together.  Secure, tie off and weave in ends.   Stuff on other side to desired firmness and using the last tail, weave through the edges to cinch of the closure.  I sewed through the middle of the pumpkin down to the bottom and back up once or twice to give it a little shape.  Secure, tie off and weave in ends.



Chain 9 (11,13)
Row 1: In the back hump of the ch, sl st across, ch 1 turn
Row 2: In the back loop only, st st across, ch 1 turn (10)
Row 3-6 (3-8, 3-8): repeat row 2
Fasten off and leave a tail for sewing


Finishing: Bring long edges together, sl st across to close and  form the stem. Leave a long tail for sewing and sew to pumpkin. I did not do anything with the open end at the top.  You may choose to close this.




Chain 9 (13, 17)
Row 1: 3 sc in 2nd ch from hook, 3 sc each st across
Fasten off and leave a tail for sewing


Finishing:  Tie the tails together and sew to top of pumpkin next to stem.





Disclaimer: This pattern is my design and any similarities are purely coincidental and not at all purposeful. I am open to communication about any similarities that needs discussed. Please just email me.

This pattern is free to all who want to use it. You may sell your items made from this pattern. Please do not copy this pattern and sell it as your own.

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