Autumn Bean Stitch Pumpkin

Autumn Bean Stitch Pumpkin

Size H 5.0 Hook
Any Worsted Weight Yarn in pumpkin color and stem color
(you can substitute a real stick and glue to top)
Yarn Needle
Poly fiber fill (or fill of your choice)

SC – single crochet
HDC – half double croch
ST – stich
CH – chain
SLST – slip stich

Pumpkin is worked in rows and then cinched together
Size is customizable by adding chains (by 2) and Rows (by 4)
Last row should be a single crochet row after the bean stitch row

Bean Stitch – Do not yarn over to start. Insert hook, yarn over and pull through (two loops on hook) *Yarn over, insert hook, yarn over and pull through* 3x, 8 loops on hook. Pull through. DO NOT CHAIN TO CLOSE. SC in next stitch.

Ch 25 (if you want a larger pumpkin, increase chains in multiples of 2+1)

ROW 1: HDC in each st across ( I like to work in the back hump of the chain) 24 HDC CH 1, turn

ROW 2: SC in each st across 24 SC, CH 1, turn

ROW 3: SC in first 3 st, repeat*Bean st, SC* until three stiches left, SC in last three st, 9 Bean, 15 SC, CH 1, turn

ROW 4: SC in each st across 24 SC, CH 1, turn

ROW 5-8:Repeat ROWS 1-4

ROW 9-12:Repeat ROWS 1-4

ROW 13-16:Repeat ROWS 1-4

ROW 17-20:Repeat ROWS 1-4

ROW 21-24:Repeat ROWS 1-4

ROW 25-28:Repeat ROWS 1-4

ROW 29-32:Repeat ROWS 1-4

ROW 33-36:Repeat ROWS 1-4

ROW 37-40:Repeat ROWS 1-4

ROW 41-44:Repeat ROWS 1-4

Pumpkin should have 11 bean st rows. Make sure you are ending on a SC row after a bean row. The fabric will look like its going diagonal and this is ok.


  • Making sure pumpkin is inside out, bring two ends together and slip stich across. 24 slst
  • Leaving a long tail cut yarn
  • Using yarn needle, being weaving in along the edge all the way around and cinch this end closed. I like to go two times around and end with tying a knot with the first tail to secure.
  • Cut yarn.
  • Turn pumpkin right side out
  • Stuff to desired firmness.
  • With remainder of long tail, secure with a knot to other side
  • Begin weaving this side along the edge all the way around and cinch close (again, I like to go around two times, do not cut or tie off)
  • Take needle and go down the middle of the pumpkin to the middle of the underside and tug tight to create the pumpkin ridges, do about this 4-5 times around.
  • Secure yarn, tie off and cut.

STEM: Skip this step if using a wood stick for stem.

Ch 11

ROW 1: SLST all st, ch 1 turn

ROW2-10: Repeat row 1

Bring ends together and slst closed, leave long tail to sew to top of pumpkin



Sew or glue your chosen stem and you are done! For extra additions you can tie on straw or hemp string.

Enjoy your new pumpkin!

Disclaimer: This pattern is my design and any similarities are purely coincidental and not at all purposeful. I am open to communication about any similarities that needs discussed. Please just email me.

This pattern is free to all who want to use it. You may sell your items made from this pattern. Please do not copy this pattern and sell it as your own.

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