CAL, Bobbles and Hart of Dixie

I have been busy busy busy!  I haven’t posted in awhile because I am finally working on a project for…… ME!

I was recently invited to join a “CAL”, crochet-a-long, my first, and its been so fun! We are working on a graphgan related to the show “Hart of Dixie”.  If you haven’t seen it, check it out on Netflix.  It’s cute, funny, romantic and annoying all at the same time.


Not only am I doing something for myself, but I am also enjoying the discussion with the other crochet members, sharing our progress, triumphs, and yes, the crochet hard times.  We are working on several blocks that coincide with characters or stories lines of the show.  Below are just a few blocks I’ve completed. If you’ve watched the show, can  you guess the block?

I am also learning, and mastering, I think, the Bobble stitch. This stitch is fun and makes the pictures really pop. Normally for a graphgan I know a lot of us tend to lean toward the C2C, another great stitch, but I had to try the Bobble just once. Glad I did!

I love this show, I love the group I’m working with and I can’t wait to have the final graphgan complete, another first for me.

If you like Hart of Dixie and want access to these blocks, head over to Ravelry and purchase the pattern from HookingHousewives!

Happy Crocheting!


2 thoughts on “CAL, Bobbles and Hart of Dixie

  1. I loved to watch you make the Heart Of Dixie project, and besides it turned out tome really cool in the end!

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