Blocking Kit

I recently purchased this blocking kit on Amazon by The Humble Crafter.  I have never blocked anything that I crocheted before, but recently working on different blocks for crochet alongs I have been participating in, I needed to try it.

This kit comes in a few different colors, blue, green, yellow and pink. I went with the pink kit. The entire kit arrived fast. I ordered on a Friday and it arrived on a Sunday!Capture

I felt the price of $24.99 was decent for all that was included. The retail price was listed at $55. The kit included 9 blocks that could be arranged to fit your work, 100 T pins in a storage box and a handy measuring tape. I purchased an inexpensive water spray bottle at my nearest Walmart (not shown).


I really liked the guidelines on the blocking mat so I could make sure my work was straight. The blocking mats are thick and sturdy.

I love that the block are arrangeable for any size project. You can see I have two different size crocheted panels on here at the same time.  The guidelines were helpful for me to get my work straight and square.  I just spritzed my work and let air dry.


I am very happy with this kit and will be using it a lot in the coming weeks while will I crochet more panels for my current crochet a long with Chaos and Chop Suey.  The two panels  you see are from that pattern.  Check it out.

Happy Blocking!


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