Hello & Welcome!

I’m Amber Huot (“hew-uht”) the lady behind Little Leaf Crochet. Why “Little Leaf?”  I love fall and I love leaves.  And leaves represent change and growth.

I am not new to crochet crafting, but I am new to the blog and “interweb” world. I created this site because I was inspired by other crochet crafters. I learned crochet from my Grandmother at a young age and picked it back up about 4 years ago and cannot stop! It’s my passion and my therapy. I don’t crochet full time, although I wish I did, but I have been in the Telecom industry for 18 years.

I live in Central Ohio with my husband Bo and our 11 yr. old twins, Natalie and Noah.


It is my goal to use this blog to share my crochet ideas, maybe write some patterns and share my projects. Right now most of what I make is from a pattern and in my photo gallery I share where you can find it.  I mostly use Etsy and Ravelry.

Thank you for visiting. Check back for updates!