Month: September 2017

My First Pattern!

My First Pattern!

fullsizeoutput_8e0I have lots of ideas in my head. I have been wanting to create patterns for awhile and many things have kept me waiting.  First fear, yes fear!, of not being confident enough in what I could create. I guess that’s the norm when you are starting out. Everything is new and unknown But I have to try, right?  Then there is the time not only creating, but writing it all down and making sure its usable and understandable. But I have lots of wonderful crochet bloggers who I’ve learned a lot from.

I was crocheting another great designers pattern when a simple easy idea formed in my head. I immediately created it and wrote it all down. Then I used my own pattern to create it again and it seemed to flow nicely. I then asked a couple fellow crocheter friends to test my pattern and report back to me her critique, corrections, etc. Edits could still be made, so please let me know you see anything wonky!

I am pleased to announce my Pumpkin Ridge Cozy!  I decided to start small and simple with my 1st pattern. But this is huge for me!  I absolutely love fall and all things fall. When this pattern came about, I thought of a pumpkin sitting on a fence and I feel that’s exactly what I created. I hope you like it too.

The pattern can be found here and it is FREE!

Happy Crocheting



Supporting Small: Featured Makers

Supporting Small: Featured Makers

Since starting Little Leaf Crochet, I have met some great people and discovered some amazing makers.  I love that as I grow I can support others to grow too.  I wanted to share with you some of my recent loves.

First, as a new blogger and crocheter, I needed a logo.  I love pink and green and oddly enough I also love Fall, so I combined my favorite colors with leaves. And the staple crochet hook of course! Working with a designer I found on Etsy, WhimsicalLogoShop was an absolute pleasure. She worked with me on color tone, style and many changes. I later contacted her for more upgrades and additional files and she was quick to respond and very helpful in explaining to me on how to use my logos.

little leaf circle logo

As you have seen from some of my posts, I have a growing custom crochet hook collection. Some I use all the time and others I consider too precious and they are on display in my home. In my logo is a crochet hook and, for me, I believe the crochet hook is the main symbol of crochet.  I have purchased many hooks from many makers. All are amazing and unique and expertly crafted. Featured here are my Midas Touch Gold Leaf Ergo hooks from HarperBabyshop I love the comfort and the style and my two custom slim hooks “Believe” and “Live Laugh Love”.  Angie is a great artist and a very sweet person I have loved getting to know.

FullSizeRender 2

I recently saw a giveaway for a wood logo where the maker burned the birch with the design. I immediately had to have one. What a unique and clever way to display your logo organically.  Rachel at WoodBurnCorner did an amazing job. You should check her work out. She has a variety of items she can customize for you on beautiful wood pieces.


Being a crocheter, I wanted to label my work in some way. Whether hats or sweaters or afghans. I purchased two forms of doing this. Fabric labels and wood button labels. Both turned out amazing and I am so happy using them. I got my wood tags from MapleAndRose and the fabric labels from BorderCityQuilts.  Both shops were very easy to work with and made sure I would be happy with my order before they began to make them.


Thanks for letting me share with you some amazing makers. Maybe I will do this more often. The world is full of talented and hard working people. They all deserve to be featured!

Happy Making!